Data Analytics Certification Programme

ISI Certificate, covering a wide range of current topics and emerging future areas across Statistics, programming, data engineering, some machine learning and Mathematics.

This course covers a mix of topics on programming, statistics, algorithms and digital transformation for the business. This course covers both breadth and depth, with a slight tilt towards breadth. It is very rare for any single person to be really good in all of these areas, but we ensure that a base level of knowledge is imparted to all, with an emphasis atleast one of these areas. Of course, if you already have competence in any of these areas, it is an advantage. For the project, small teams are formed (2 to 4 people) with a mix of backgrounds.

NB:  This course will stress breadth over depth in theory,  but in hands-on prefers depth by stressing project work and assignments. Extrended project studies will be hosted on Swanspeed.academy site.

The course spans 11 weekends of contact (excluding holiday breaks) 

Week1: Context of DA, digital transformation/ Machine Learning/AI: Overview Seven step analytics and course flow. Introduction to Data engineering and management

Week2: Data engineering continued. Programming in R and Python, data preparation/cleaning, Mathematics refresher.

Dusherra Holiday Weekend

Week3: Data description basics, Introductory statistics, Exploratory & visual analysis;

Week4: More visual analytics, Data processing, introductory text analytics, Machine learning and Project exploration

Deepavali Holiday Weekend

Week 5: Half weekend — Tools overview, project goal setting, and planning. Interim Recap and invited lectures.

Week 6 and 7: Modeling, sampling, re-sampling multiple and generalised Linear Regression, Discriminant Data analysis; Tree models, logistic regression. Process of modelling: ROC, model adequacy criteria.

Week 8: Half weekend: Project work, guidance and interim presentation(s).

Week 9: Clustering, MBA, TS: Predictive analytics, Miscellaneous methods: Bloom filters (observable filtration), Cosine similarity.

Week 10: (Quarter weekend- Saturday ONLY): Guidance on project report writing.

Week 11: (Full weekend): Submission of project and demonstrations.

(Honours: Submission of extended project report)

Total Hours: 120+ contact hours

(100+ Hours of instruction including demonstration and 12 hours guided hands-on and additional 12-18 hours project work)
Please note Project is an integral part of the course and indeed, all participants will have some exposure to ALL projects!


Weekends Saturdays & Sundays 9:30 am – 6:00 pm

Timeline: Dates

September: 21-22, 28-29
October : 12-13, 19-20
November : 2-3, 9-10, 16-17, 23-24 and 30
December : 1, 7-8, 14-15

Holidays: 5-6 Oct (Dussehra) and 26-27 Oct (Deepavali)

Program Pattern: 

Intake: 18 seats

Classroom, Customised software containers and Cloud infrastructure.

One meal and two snacks provided.

Pune, India

Training Centre (Tentative):

Flat 405, Fourth Floor, Chetna Apartments, East Street, Pune Camp, Pune 411001, India

Opposite: Bombay Garage

NB: This course venue is in Pune even if above location changes

A mix of Academics and Industry practitioners.
Faculty primarily from ISI, and assisted by graduates of IIT and IISc.

Science at School and any degree outside of Arts with some programming exposure at school/undergraduate level.

Advantageous Extras: Programming experience, Numerate degree (Science, Engineering, Computer science)

Fees: Rs 88,750/- (inclusive of all taxes)

On enrollement via the form, we will send you the procedure for payments with GSTN. SwanSpeed has partnered with ISI, Pune unit to offer this course in Pune

NB: SwanSpeed is a brand of Revel Advisory Services LLP  to which payments are to be made.
Intermediate Tests (level-1 and 2). Project report evaluation.

Standard of Passing: Minimum of 45% on average and 40% for each unit. Merit: 70%, Distinction: 80%

ISI Certificate

Lectures, Demonstrations, Unit tests and Hands-on labs.